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The Work
/ Branding
go chicken go
logo, Go Chicken Go
About the Brand
Go Chicken Go is an iconic brand that has been serving mouthwatering fried chicken in Kansas City for over five decades. Now in its third generation of family-ownership, Go Chicken Go is known for its homestyle fried chicken recipe, exceptional service, strong family values, and its commitment to using only the freshest ingredients.
Evolve an established brand with over 50 years of history in Kansas City, honoring its storied past while signaling growth and future success.
Fresh Never Frozen campaign image
Reimagine the Go Chicken Go brand identity
Redesign and develop a new GoChickenGo.com website
Launch OLO online ordering
Go Chicken Go came to AGENCYOF with a challenge: revitalize the brand, but don’t erase the 50+ years of history that define it. With that in mind, AGENCYOF kicked off a collaborate design engagement with the client team, presenting logo options and making live-design tweaks over a three-week period. Making the Go Chicken Go team a part of the redesign process made them feel closer to the final brand concept – setting the tone for the next generation of remarkable service in Kansas City.

With new primary, secondary, and tertiary logo assets in-hand, AGENCYOF expanded the Go Chicken Go brand identity, including narrative & tone, patterns, textures, hand-drawn illustrations, colors, photography style, and typography.  With this library of brand-specific information defined, AGENCYOF was then able to invest in the complete redesign of the GoChickenGo.com website, including launching online ordering functionality, which fundamentally changed Go Chicken Go’s carryout business.
Logo Redesign
Menu Redesign
Brand Identity
Packaging Design
Narrative Strategy
Website Design /
User Experience
Product Photography
OLO Setup, Design, and
User Experience
Menu Redesign
Example image of brand guidelines and design style guides
Redesigned menu ordering boards and product packaging
Complete re-design of the Go Chicken Go brand
Launched a new GoChickenGo.com website including OLO online ordering
sample of the new board designed for GCG
example of ad design that says your search is over
example of ad to order online
creative easter design
Woman employee moving fried chicken on a hot bar
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