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AGENCYOF is a full-funnel marketing partner specializing in creative development, advertising, and software engineering. An engine for possibility, we create space for new ways of thinking and doing – helping our clients build engaging marketing and technology experiences that inspire.
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Jack Stack Barbecue

Inspire Jack Stack guests who typically transact four times or less per year to increase their frequency and preference for the Jack Stack brand.

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Kitch Meals

Help a KC-based prepared meals company stand out against local and national competitors with a best-in-class digital and eCommerce experience.

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Go Chicken Go

Evolve an established brand with over 50 years of history in Kansas City, honoring its storied past while signaling growth and future success.

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App Development

Help Jack Stack Barbecue optimize its carryout experience with custom technology that engages guests and back-of-house team members.

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Strategy, engagement, creative, and technology that pushes the limits of what’s possible.
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Our strategic approach is qualified by our passion for data, the human experience, and a nuanced understanding of how people communicate. By tapping into these passions – AGENCYOF is able to create relational brand and marketing experiences that inspire action and drive results.
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When it comes to engagement, we create experiences where both brands and consumers end up winners. Our game plan? We meet people where they’re at, get to know them, and light them up with moments that make them think, “Hey, this brand gets me.” From social to e-commerce and everything in between – it’s all about making a connection that sticks.
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Like a game of darts, our creative strategy is all about aim. We look at the board, understand the audience, and let it fly with ideas that aim to hit the target. But it’s not just about scoring points; it’s about making each throw count in a space of curiosity, fun, and an unapologetic love for the creative process.
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Software engineering at AGENCYOF is an experience rooted in our passion for problem solving. Wherever friction exists, our team is eager to create solutions through custom technology that simplifies experience and maximizes efficiency while honoring the unique operations of the client partners we serve.


We’re not the biggest shop in town - but we are the hungriest (seriously, though - you should see our Costco runs).
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Clients that trust us with their brands.
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