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kitch meals
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Food for everybody
KITCH Meals (KITCH) is a Kansas City-based prepared meals company serving fresh, ready-to-eat meals that support a healthy body and mind. A new player in the already crowded prepared meals space, KITCH stands above the noise made by local and national competitors by focusing on food that feeds the wellness ambitions of every person and every body type; KITCH is food for everybody.
Help a local prepared meals company stand out with a best-in-class experience that stands out against local and national competitors.
marketing example of someone eating a KITCH meal
Build a brand and technology experience for a local prepared meals company that highlights its commitment to flavor, nutrition, quality ingredients, and customer service
Define the KITCH brand identity
Conduct audience and competitive research
Develop a custom e-commerce solution that fit its unique business needs
The prepared-foods industry is saturated with competition – especially in the health food market. To stand out amongst existing alternatives, AGENCYOF defined two initial imperatives to create long-term opportunity for the brand:
Develop a detailed understanding of competitor brand experiences, business practices, product offerings, and marketing strategies.
Define the target audience, including key
demographic and psychographic markers that make for engaging creative.
Relying on insights from both imperatives, AGENCYOF was able to validate its riskiest assumptions around KITCH’s marketplace potential. This led to the creation of a brand identity and narrative strategy that was used to shape all aspects of the business, from a revised logo to the in-store retail design, website user experience, and web-development architecture.
Brand Identity
Packaging Design
Mission, Vision, Values
Website Design / UX
Narrative Strategy
Website Development
Retail Store Design
Affiliate Marketing
Product Photography
Campaign Creation
stacked KITCH meal packaging
Developed a custom e-commerce solution via getkitch.com.
Launched a local Connected TV and paid social awareness campaign.
Exceeded goal for weekly recurring revenue driven by memberships
Image of KITCH meal packaging
Image of someone eating a KITCH meal
Image of a KITCH meal being eaten
headshot of a client, KITCH
AO took a dumpster-fire of a website from another firm and turned it into a state of the art custom web solution that has helped our business 5x since starting our relationship. They are also exceptional at creating unique, exciting, and fresh creative assets while simultaneously offering thoughtful, timely, and effective marketing advice and strategy. I would recommend them to any business.
Braden Posey
Kitch Meals
KITCH meals on a table top
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