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About the Brand
Jack Stack Barbecue got its start in 1957 as a small storefront barbecue stand in the heart of downtown Kansas City. Over 65 years later, Jack Stack is now one of the most beloved barbecue brands in KC - spanning six restaurant locations, a full-service catering business, and a nationwide shipping experience.
Inspire Jack Stack guests who typically transact four times or less per year to increase their frequency and preference for the Jack Stack brand.
Following the completion of market research in early 2023, AGENCYOF learned that a small percentage of Jack Stack’s guests transact four or fewer times per year – largely due to a brand perception that pegs the restaurant as “occasion ‘cue.” For these guests, Jack Stack is seen as an experience reserved for birthdays, anniversaries, and other important life-events. Of course, Jack Stack is honored to be a part of these moments –but it begged the question: How could these guests be inspired to satisfy their barbecue cravings outside of a special occasion?

To battle this limiting perception of the brand– AGENCYOF brokered a partnership with Kansas City Chiefs offensive linemen Creed Humphrey and Trey Smith. Leveraging their influence, AGENCYOF developed a campaign called “Anytime ‘Cue,” featuring a hero video asset that works to communicate a universal truth when it comes to Jack Stack: you don’t need a reason to get the ‘cue you crave! Partnering with our friends at Outrider, the team responsible for producing the hero video asset, AGENCYOF expanded the campaign to include “Game Day ‘Cue” and “Holiday ‘Cue,” maximizing production value for a full-funnel marketing activation from August 2023 – February 2024.

AGENCYOF also worked with Jack Stack’s restaurant operations team to create themed barbecue packs featuring the likeness of Creed and Trey, including a commemorative glass that came with each Creed Special sold and a number of custom-designed apparel items to further extend the campaign. Specifically, AGENCYOF designed ugly sweaters for Creed and Trey to wear as they made their way into the stadium for the Christmas Day game in 2023 –garnering over 3M earned media impressions and a ton of demand for the holiday sweater.
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3,919 Creed / Trey
Specials Ordered
$6.4 : $1
Return On ad Spend
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Image of person holding a phone showcasing the design of a campaign for Creed and Jack Stack.
Image of a glass cup with illustration of Creed and Trey for a Jack Stack campaign
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Our team has had the pleasure of working with AgencyOf for close to a decade and in that time they have truly brought an unreasonable amount of passion, urgency and creativity to our marketing vision. They approach our business like owners and are true partners with us on this journey. It is a blessing to have an external firm care as much about our guest and team as we do.
Travis Carpenter
Jack Stack Barbecue
Image of Creed Humphrey and a few other people sitting in a panel
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